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LatterdayVillage is the Ultimate online resource for LDS teachers and leaders.  Here you will find amazing lesson helps and leader resources that will

  1. Streamline your preparation
  2. Inspire & engage those you serve
  3. Make you look awesome
  4. Save you untold hours of time!


Our Philosophy:

We know how hard it is to be called as a teacher in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! The lesson manuals that we use in the church really are amazing. There is so much information in the manuals that most of the time, you won't have time to even get through it all. We also know that most teachers need a little extra help to keep their classroom engaged in the lesson.

Whether you're teaching Primary, Sunday School, the youth or Relief Society, having an object lesson, game, or other activity to go along with the lesson will really help make your lesson memorable. We NEVER go outside the content, nor do we discourage using the lesson manuals from the church. Our lesson helps SUPPLEMENT the lessons with matching printables, coloring pages, and/or activity ideas using the ideas already in the lesson and helping you know how to implement them in different ways for your classroom.

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About Us

Debra Woods, Founder & Owner

Debra works on all aspects of LDV. She is our financial wizard and amazing customer service representative. She started teaching Seminary in 2016 and contributes her awesome Seminary Power Points for this year's lessons.





Megan Hanson, Owner & Lead Designer


Starting in 2017, Megan became a full partner with Debra! You can see her designs in the Young Women lessons, Relief Society lessons, and the Visiting Teaching printable each month. She helps in all sections of the website and marketing.

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