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LatterdayVillage is the Ultimate online resource for LDS teachers and leaders.  Here you will find amazing lesson helps and leader resources that will

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Debra Woods
Debra Woods, Founder & Owner

Debra's creative genius is the engine behind LatterdayVillage. As an entrepreneur, she developed innovative ways to bring teaching resources to latter-day saints around the world in a commercial, for-profit business that blesses the lives of everyone involved.  Debra loves to use her various talents and skills in this work as an artist, writer, web-master, and business woman.  She loves working with her team of talented artists, designers, curriculum writers, developers and administrators in a synergistic approach that inspires all involved.

Debra grew up in the Village of Oxford, Ohio, one of the most charming little university towns in the world.  She hopes to grow and spread the sense of a close community to the worldwide latter-day saint social culture, and contribute to building the kingdom of God on earth.




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