2018 Relief Society Curriculum


2018 Relief Society Editable Bookmark

This MS-Word editable bookmark can help you organize, plan and schedule the Sunday Relief Society and Melchizedek Priesthood lessons for 2018 to share and keep the adults in your ward informed and prepared for the lessons each week.


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Relief Society - Sabbath Day #1

Adorable Printable for Relief Society Lesson: Sabbath Day #1 Hand Painted by Jacquelyn Scott

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Relief Society Lesson - Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath

Beautiful hand sketch by Cascia Lutes for this 4th Sunday Relief Society Lesson

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Relief Society March Fourth Sunday: The Sabbath is a Day to Serve Others

Lovely printables by Serene Heiner for the fourth Sunday Relief Society lesson: The Sabbath is a Day to Serve Others!

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What Does It Mean to Minister?

Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations by Jessica Beach

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