2018 Young Women Theme Bottle Cap Magnets

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Spotlight the 2018 Mutual Theme "Peace in Christ" with these adorable bottle cap magnets!

This set of 10 2018 Mutual Theme "Peace In Christ" bottlecap magnets are made with flattened bottlecaps that measure about 1 1/4" around. A clear resin sticker was used over the images. This not only protects the images, but also creates a smooth clear finish.

All 10 bottlecaps have a super strong Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet attached, so you can rest assure that your items will stay put!

These magnets match our other 2018 Peace In Christ Printables Collection and are the perfect accompaniment to it!  They make a great gift for your Young Women to use with a mini-poster in the school locker or on the refrigerator or other magnetic surface at home, as well as in your Young Women room throughout the year!


2018 Young Women Theme Bottlecap Magnets- LatterdayVillage