Primary 2 - Lesson 22 - Blessed Are the Peacemakers

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Printables for CTR 2 Lesson 22:

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

by Mike Laughead

The following printables are included in this CTR lesson:

  • Attention Poster
  • Coloring Page
  • CTR Chart
  • Smiles Song
  • Drawing Coloring Page

CTR-A-2018 Lesson 22-Poster

CTR-A-2018 Lesson 22-Poster-ColoringPage

LDS 2018 Lesson 22-CTR Chart

LDS 2018 Lesson 22-CTR Chart-Coloring Page

CTR-A-2018 Lesson 22-Smiles Song

CTR-A-2018 Lesson 22-Smiles Song-BW

LDS 2018 Lesson 22-ColoringPage