Recording Items and Dollar Amounts

Submitted by Amy Thackerary –

check registerI always do an auction because I have great success with it.  This year, I went to my bank and got check registers so they could track their own account, and I verify it every weekend.  I like this much better because I don’t have to mess with paper money.  Below is a list I typed up small, and glued into the front page of the book.

As far as the actual stuff for the auction, I get some really cool stuff. I ask each family to donate 10 bucks per semester if they can. (AMENDMENT - bishop said this is a no-no so I ask students in class if they have anything they can donate) I also send around a survey asking what they would like to get.  In the past I’ve done car wax kits, (clean) CD’s of their choice, jewelry, movie coupons, etc.  I also get food like pop, and chips, and candy so everyone at least gets something.

I always have 2 big prizes, and I purchase them early so that way I can bring them in, and they can see it, and get motivated.  This semesters big prizes are: a signed BYU men’s football (by the team), and an auto-graphed Mark Madsen b-ball card.  I have some connections, so they have been able to help me out with these things.  My experience has been that the bigger deal you make out of the auction, the more fun it is for them!!

At the Top I put "New Testament Seminary Auction Account"


These amounts are listed side beside below

On Time= $50
Devotional= $20
Daily Attendance= $200
Daily Reading= $175
Scripture Mastery Verse= $40
Class Service Project= $75
Attending Mutual= $50
Attending Church= $100 per hour
Attending Student Events= $30
Winning Zone Activity= $30
General Conference= $150 per session
Scripture Mastery In Talk= $15
Participating In Zone Teaching Lesson= $75

Tardy= $5-
Sleeping= $40-
No Scriptures= $100-
Doing Homework= $100-
Excessive Talking= $250-
Unkindness= $500-

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