Each topic has five questions with five different point levels ranging from 100 to 500. (Double jeopardy is 200 to 1000) It's easy to just put the topics on the board and in a grid pattern -  put the values 100-500 for each category. 

Finally, make the Final Question the most difficult question to challenge the players.

The teams and decide how much they are going to try to get for points if they win it.  If they lose it they lose those points so many times the teams do not know who will win until final jeopardy is played.  

Playing the Game

  • Split all players into a few teams. 
  • Create a scoreboard on a whiteboard or on paper if you wish.   
  • Allow the first team to choose a topic and a point value for a question. 
  • IF they win, they can keep on picking a question until that team loses the question. 
  • Allow players to raise their hands if they want to answer the question. 
  • If someone on a team answers a question correctly, they gain that number of points.  If they get it wrong, they lose that number of points.  
  • Final Question.  This way, it gives teams who are far behind a shot at still earning a large amount of points at the very end of the game. At the end of the game, the team that earns the most points wins Classroom Jeopardy!

RULES for General Conference Jeopardy

Questions and Answers

  • Questions you state are in black
  • Answers students give are in red - you decide if they have to state them as a question.

Available for Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy Rounds

  • Three “Helps”, may be used only once by your team during each round:
    • Ask for a clue
    • Ask a teammate
    • Use your conference notes
  • May not use helps on
    • Daily Doubles
    • Final Jeopardy


Teams may not help their teammates, unless that player uses a “Help”.

Teams will alternate players in this order: Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior.

Teams will choose their contestant for each round.

Each person on your team must take a turn before someone gets a second round.

Ringing In:

Contestants will sit at a small table up front, facing away from the teams.

Each contestant will have a bell provided.

At any time during the question, if a contestant rings the bell, they must state their answer and a score is given.

Both players switch out at the end of each question, and new players come forward.


If a question is answered incorrectly, the opposing player (NOT TEAM) may answer correctly for ½ points.

No loss of points for missed answers.

Daily Double:

No “Helps” are available

Player may wager any amount

Final Jeopardy

No “Helps” are available

Teams choose their contestant. Once a category is revealed, each player will consult their team and decide how much to wager. Once a question is read, each player has 30 seconds to write their answer on their white boards.


Any shout outs from team members will disqualify the team for that question.

Any disrespect will eliminate a player from the game.


The Class at the end with the most points will share goodies and bragging rights.

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