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2019 Sneak Peak


LatterdayVillage has exciting plans for the NEW 2019 Curriculum for Church and Home use!


2019 Home Helps - Week 2

2019 Primary Lesson - Week 2

Sunday School Lesson - Week 2


2019 Home Helps - Week 1

2019 Primary Lesson - Week 1

2019 Sunday School Lesson - Week 1


One of the fun things we will be offering with every membership, is a weekly assignment reminder to send home with children, youth and adults. This is a half-page handout all teachers should be distributing at the end of the second hour, as a reminder of what the reading assignment and topic is for home study.  

Along with the date, scripture block and topic title, there will be a SCRIPTURE SEARCH that requires engaging with the scriptures to solve.  This fun puzzle will not only support the assigned scripture block, it will give hands on experience using the scriptures - both hard copy and digital, with all the great tools that will enhance personal study!

ENJOY this first weekly assignment reminder for FREE!  New assignment reminders for subsequent weeks will be posted for all LDV paid memberships a month in advance.

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