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Lesson Prep

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  Color-code Lesson Plans
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  OT Ward Bulletin Notices
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  NT Summer Prep by MarGene Von Forell
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  File Cabinet and Plastic Boxes
  Two Cardboard File Boxes per Year
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  Daily Agenda
  Another Daily Agenda
  Seminary Teacher Orientation/Inservice
  Advice for Seminary Teachers
  Get Me to the Church on Time!
  Several Devotional Ideas
  Use LDS-Gems
  SM Application
  Ponder Question
  Object-based Devotionals
  Use "For the Strength of Youth"
  Trivia Devotional
  Owning a Scripture Mastery Verse
  Use the Topical Guide
  Back-up Devotionals
  End Class with a Psalm
  Scripture Chain Devotionals
  Write One Sentence
  Spoken Word Devotionals
  Use Personal Experiences
  Prayer Sticks
  Assign Devotional Ahead of Time
  End of Seminary Devotionals
  Make a Joyful Noise!
  Grade Devotionals
  Connect with the Scriptures
  Devotional Assignments
  Instant Object Lesson