Emma Smith Interview - A Reader's Theater Script


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A Companion to D&C 25

Narrator: I’ve invited "Larry King" to join us today! Come on down’, Larry! Let me ask you a question, Larry, if you had a time machine and could go back in time, is there anyone you’d like to interview? Larry: Yeah, there is. I hear this Joe Smith in the 1800’s was quite a character. I’ve always wondered what kind of woman would hook up with someone like that. I think her name was Emma. I’d like to interview Emma Smith.

Narrator: Well, Larry, are you ever in luck – close your eyes and I’ll take you back in time to interview Emma.

(Turn off lights, spread lace tablecloth on small round table, set up candle, ask Larry to light the flame. Larry sits, provide a chair for Emma.)

Emma: "Oh my, I seem to be recovering from the vapors or some such. Where am I?"

Larry: Hello, Mrs. Smith. My name is Larry King and I’ve come to interview you. You’re on Larry King, Live" Won’t you please sit down?"

(Emma sits – adjust her shawl and sits straight and tall.)

3 Page script perfect as an introduction to D&C 25.