OT Lesson 65 PowerPoint: Numbers 1-12


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A 45-slide PowerPoint Presentation for Old Testament Lesson 65, covering Numbers 1-12

"The Lord revealed to Moses how to organize the children of Israel. The Lord also gave additional laws to the children of Israel to guide them while in the wilderness. As the Israelites traveled in the wilderness, Moses grew weary of their murmuring and sought help from the Lord. As a result, the Lord chose 70 leaders to help Moses govern Israel. Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses, and the Lord chastised them for speaking against His chosen servant.

Note:This lesson provides an opportunity for two students to teach the class. To help prepare these students to teach, provide them with a copy of the section they are to teach a few days in advance. Or you could choose to teach the section yourself."

The student teaching sections are included in the PowerPoint.