Book of Mormon Trading Cards Set 1


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Fabulous art work on exciting printable trading cards featuring key characters from the Book of Mormon

Book of Mromon Trading Cards are a great reward/incentive for classroom or family use! These trading cards are a fun way to learn about the key figures in the Book of Mormon! This digital download collection comes with these ready-to-print pdf files:

  • Trading Cards- a set of fronts and backs with fun information, that you can print on both sides of heavy card stock and cut out to form 13 cards. Print page one, reinsert same page in printer and print page two on back. Trim off white edges and cut apart.
  • Template for a wrapperprint on white paper and cut off white excess and fold around a few cards and a piece of gum (like traditional baseball cards) - secure with a little glue.
  • Coloring/Activity Book- A 14 page coloring/activity book featuring each character with a fill-in-the-blank scripture story. Print on white paper.
  • Playing Cards- A deck of 52 Playing Cards - 13 numbered cards in 4 suits, to play a variety of card games. Print picture cards and reinsert inprinter to print the plaid card backs on the other side. Trim white excess and cut apart.