Book of Mormon Reading Charts




Happy reading charts to track your progress in the Book of Mormon in FOUR sizes!

This fun graphic design by latter-day saint illustrator, Brooke Mann, features scenes from famous Book of Mormon stories and the “iron rod” with a post for each book and a section to color in for each chapter.  Color the illustrations and track your reading throughout the year.  This pdf download includes FOUR sizes:

  • 11x17 Poster Size
  • Letter-Size
  • Half-page
  • Quarter-page

with a BONUS 3 per page bookmark that will be emailed to you when you order!


You can save these pdf files to your own device for printing. You may PRINT A COPY of these files for yourself, your immediate family or for members of a class you teach. Do not share the PDF files. Do not resell these files or prints of these files.