April 2016 General Conference JEOPARDY

April 2016 General Conference JEOPARDY!

General Conference Jeopardy

by Linda Harper

Each general conference, Linda Harper takes copious notes and compiles a JEOPARDY game featuring Seminary Scripture Mastery verses featured in the talks as well as other timely topics.  We post her game here by Sunday evening so you can download it in time for Seminary the next day, if desired.  

Great for family night, Sunday School, Youth Activities etc - plan now to play this game in the days ahead.

One of our teachers has been using this Jeopardy game for over 16 years and says this year she is inviting parents and leaders to come to Seminary to team up against the students for extra excitement!


This time I made labels to print out for the board with header questions and point amounts - Debra


Here is the conference jeopardy game from conference. Feel free to reword any question that I may have not worded eloquently! This was done to try to get it out to you as soon as possible. I have an extra question at the end if you need to substitute a question. Enjoy! Linda Harper 


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