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What's New?

2019 brings a whole new curriculum and schedule to Primary.  All classes will be using the new Come Follow Me manual for the weekly 20 minute lessons.  

There will be no annual theme or monthly themes or even a "sharing time" per se, but a 25 minute Singing time should include more teaching doctrine than ever before.

A five minute opening exercises should include a prayer, scripture/article of faith, and one talk.  No one has said what the children's talks should be about in opening exercises, but it seems logical that they should be about the lesson topic for that week. 

The Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation will be much more locally determined than ever before!  No set of songs has been prescribed.  There is an outline of music for each month with three suggested songs that support the lessons covered in class and at home that month, but each ward will choose which songs to include in the 4th quarter presentation. Pay close attention to the talks in opening exercises for any you might like to include in the annual sacrament meeting presentation.

LATTERDAYVILLAGE will be implementing a new format in 2019 that will include access to the entire website for one price.  We will be offering helps for the various areas of the new Come Follow Me program, including Primary, Sunday School and individuals and families, as well as Relief Society (General Conference Talks).  Our Young Women materials have moved to MormonYW and we will be making many changes, including a new name for the site. 

For Primary, we will have lesson aids, music aids and resources for assisting families to implement the program at home.

One of the most exciting additions will be a variety of live and animated video series to complement the new church curriculum!  These will be delightful, creative and entertaining, as well as teaching how to more effectively follow Christ!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about our 2019 resources!



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The History of LDS PrimaryPrimary had it's beginnings in Farmington, Utah in 1878.  

Aurielia Spencer Rogers was concerned about the behavior of neighborhood boys and after discussing it with Eliza R. Snow, they developed a program for boys and girls that was approved by President John Taylor.  

On Sunday August 25, 1878, 224 children met in the Farmington Rock Chapel - that is still standing today.  Ward Primaries were held throughout the territory.  

The first official general Primary president was called in 1880.  There are now over one million children attending Primary throughout the world.

The First LDS Primary

To learn more about Primary, visit - Primary


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